Site Audit enables you to monitor your website for over 100 SEO issues, which have been pre-set for your convenience. But you are free to toggle them on or off and change the level of importance for each. Here's how. 

Configuring pre-set issues at the Global level

To view the Global Settings or Issues Setting at the global level, first click on Site audit where you will land on Site audit dashboard with a list of projects that you have created, then click on the "Settings" icon. 

Here, you will be able to see the list of pre-set issues that are applied globally across all your projects. You can also toggle on or off for new projects for all existing projects that you create, pick the level of importance of each issue - Error, Warning or Notice or or choose to apply this issue to new projects or not.

Configuring pre-set issues at the Project level

Within your Project Overview, scroll down to view the list of issues and click on "Manage list". 

Here, you will be able to see the list of issues that are applied only on this particular project. Here, you get to toggle this issue on or off at the project level. Once you are done with the settings, click "Done". 

Now you are good to go! 

Also, here's how to create and customise own set of custom issues. 

Why does the level of importance of the issues matter? 

In the calculation of the Health Score metric, we determine the proportion of URLs on a crawled site that are more critical, in which we term as errors. Thus, the higher the number of errors that show up, the lower the Health Score.

Note: By using the option "Turn off for this project" for "Errors", Health Score will be affected and for "Warnings" or "Notices", it will be not.

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