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What does "indexable" mean in Site Audit?
What does "indexable" mean in Site Audit?
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Ahrefs' Site Audit agrees that a page is “indexable” when it meets the following basic requirements:

  • It’s a HTML page

Search engines crawl and “see” your content in HTML format. To view how search engines see a certain website, you can enter a URL at:

  • It responds with a 200 HTTP status code

200 OK is the standard response for successful HTTP requests, indicating that the request was successfully received and processed by the client.

  • It doesn’t have a canonical tag to another URL

A canonical tag is a HTML element placed in a webpage, generally used to solve duplicate content issues. It implies that a webpage contains the “main” version of the content in question and points search engines to that particular page.

  • It doesn’t have any noindex meta tag

Including a noindex meta tag in a webpage’s HTML code tells Googlebot to entirely drop that page from its index, preventing it from appearing in search results.

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