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Difference between the Rank Tracker and Site Explorer's Organic Keywords Report
Difference between the Rank Tracker and Site Explorer's Organic Keywords Report

Understand why it is possible to see the rank for a keyword in Rank Tracker but not in Organic Keywords report

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Are the Rank Tracker tool and Organic Keywords report the same? No, they are not. They each serve different purposes and are powerful in their own right!

The Rank Tracker tool allows you to track the movements of keywords and their changes over time, by adding these keywords into the Rank Tracker and the locations that you would like to track said keywords for.

The Organic Keywords report shows you all the keywords we know your website or URL rank for.

So, if you can see keyword rankings in both reports, why is it that you're ranking for a keyword in the Rank Tracker, but not ranking for the same keyword in Organic Keywords report?

As previously mentioned these two reports aren't the same; see some of the differences between the two below:

  1. Rank Tracker reports both desktop and mobile ranking data, while Organic Keywords report does not report mobile ranking data.

  2. Rank Tracker allows you to keep track of the movements for a specific set of keywords (inputted by you) over time; whereas in Organic Keywords report we show you all of the organic keywords we know your site ranks for.

  3. Get to compare your competitors' rankings for the same keywords that you're tracking for your site in Rank Tracker (within the same project); in Organic Keywords report, you will need to enter your competitors' site/URL separately to analyse all their organic keywords.

  4. Set email alerts directly in Rank Tracker for the keywords you're tracking; alerts for the keywords movements can't be done in Organic Keywords report (note: can set up New Keywords alert in the Alerts tab).

  5. In the Rank Tracker, keyword updates are scheduled every 3-7 days (depending on your subscription plan); keyword can be updated in Organic Keywords report anywhere between 3 days to 2 months, that is depending on the popularity (monthly search volume) of the keyword.

  6. Group your tracked keywords by using the "Tag" functionality in Rank Tracker; in Organic Keywords report you can use the filters provided but can't tag keywords.


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