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Ahrefs Toolbar doesn't show metrics in Chrome
Ahrefs Toolbar doesn't show metrics in Chrome

Find out how to deal with Ahrefs Toolbar not working in Chrome

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If you installed our toolbar in Chrome and logged in to your Ahrefs account, but no data is showing, don't get upset just yet. There are a few possible causes that you can fix.

1. Your browser version is outdated

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar might not work properly with the outdated versions of Chrome and Firefox. Please check the current version of your browser and update it to the most recent one.

2. Issues with 3rd party cookies

Here's what you should check:

  1. Go to Chrome settings by clicking the navigation button in the top right corner and selecting Settings:

2. Click on Security and Privacy in the sidebar, then on Cookies and other site data:

3. Finally, disable the Block third-party cookies option. You can choose to allow all cookies or to only block 3rd party cookies in incognito mode.

4. Close the settings tab and reload the search results page. The data should show up:

Alternatively, you can whitelist, as in the screenshot below. That will do just fine.


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