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What does '403 Forbidden' error mean in Site Audit?
What does '403 Forbidden' error mean in Site Audit?

Understand why you see '403 Forbidden' error for certain pages in Site Audit and how to fix

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Upon completing your site audit, you may notice the error 4XX Page, meaning pages of your site are returning a 4XX HTTP status code.  

By clicking on this error/issue, you will be shown the URLs/pages that are affected by this issue; you may come across some URLs that are 403 Forbidden. 

This means that your site is most probably returning different content for our user-agent.  In this case, you should check that you do not have a system/plugin blocking bots; and if you do, to whitelist our user-agent on that system.

User-agent: AhrefsSiteAudit

This issue should not affect visitors, but it does mean that some crawlers may not be able to crawl your website; hence, we are unable to report any errors on these pages.


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