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Why can't I see any link opportunities?
Why can't I see any link opportunities?

Find out the reasons why we might not show any link opportunity for your website in site audit

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Let's start with a quick reminder about what link opportunities tool is:

This tool is a report part of site audit where we look for possible link opportunities based on the status of the website at the time of the crawl.

Sometimes it happens that we don't show any link opportunity in site audit though.

Why and how does it work?

When checking your pages, we look at the top 10 keywords sorted by traffic for each page of your website. For example, if your page is ranking for 50 keywords, we will check the top 10 keywords only.

Then we look for mentions of these terms on crawled pages – and there’s your internal link opportunity. Of course, we won’t suggest a link if one already exists between the pages.

Note: Your positions in SERPs have no impact and it could be out of the top 10 ranking keywords in Google.

Here are common possible reasons why we might not report any link opportunities:

- For big websites, it is possible that we actually can't pull the SERPs yet.

- The page doesn't explicitly mention the exact keyword. The keyword needs to be exactly matched in the text. For example, if a page ranks for "cool marketing tips", we won't show opportunities from a page that only contains "marketing tips" or "supercool marketing tips"

- We couldn't see the content of your pages. That sometimes happens when we're allowed to crawl but hit say a bot detection system, and we aren't able to get the content included in the page because it wants us to solve a captcha or similar verification methods.

- The tool is at its first version, and we are still working at improvements. However, if you think that a specific opportunity should have been reported, we are happy to hear about it, and we will also investigate what we can do to improve the tool.

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