Upon having your site crawled in Site Audit, you might see a "302 redirect" warning for some of your pages. 

From a user perspective, 301 and 302 redirects work the same way, but not for search engines. While 301 redirect tells them that the page was permanently moved to a new location, 302 redirect is a temporary one. 

Why is it important for SEO?

Wrong redirect type can confuse search engines as they will be unsure whether to keep the old page or replace it with the new one. As a result, it can affect your rankings and traffic.

When should I use 302 redirect?

You should use 302 redirect only for testing purposes. That can include implementing new design, functionality, gathering feedback from your users, etc. 

If you see 302 redirect warning, it doesn't necessarily mean you should change it to 301 one. We simply want you to double check if that redirect type is intended and appropriate there. 

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