After running an audit of your site using the Site Audit tool; you may notice the issue "Broken Redirect" reported.  But what does it mean?  

In Site Audit, we specifically let you know why you're seeing this issue; we indicate: 

"Redirects that point to a page returning one of the 4xx or 5xx HTTP response codes.  This issue is very similar to "broken links". The only difference is that the dead page is linked via a redirect.  This may harm the user experience for the visitors of your website and affect your website crawlability."

As well as "How to fix" them:

"Review all the URLs reported and remove redirects to dead pages or replace them with links to relevant live pages.  It is recommended to use direct links instead of redirects where possible."

So if there are any broken redirect issues we will report these once our crawler is able to access the URLs (based on your crawl settings, we may not access all URLs). To find this issue in your report, you can click on "Internal Pages" as seen below: 

OR in Overview, by scrolling down to the list of issues (see image below):

You will notice in the image above too, that the information icon (question mark) is highlighted; this is so to indicate that once this is clicked, we immediately show you the "Issue details" and "How to fix" those as quoted above (see image below):

By clicking on the issue itself, you will be taken over to the Data Explorer report where you will see all the affected URLs. As our example shows in the images in this article, two (2) affected URLs will be shown. Each URL in Data Explorer is clickable as well, which will open up a panel with more details.


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