For Mac:

  1. Download the ahrefs.crx (do not click or open the file).
  2. Open the URL chrome://extensions on your Chrome browser. 
  3.  From Finder, drag and drop the installation file there.

For Windows:

  1. Download the
  2. Unzip the file to your computer. A new folder ‘ahrefs-chrome-toolbar’ will be created
  3. Open the URL chrome://extensions on your Chrome browser. 

   4. If you have Ahrefs toolbar already installed, click the trash can icon to remove it first.

   5. Enable ‘Developer Mode’

   6. Click ‘Load unpacked extension…’ button.

   7. On the file picker, choose the ’ahrefs-chrome-toolbar’ folder from step 2. You're all set!

It is worth mentioning that when installing the Ahrefs toolbar on Chrome, it is necessary for you to retain a copy of the unzipped extension folder on your PC.

Unlike most other Chrome extensions, if the original installation file is deleted, the extension will also be removed from Chrome.


Please note that you might get an "Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website." message or similar to this:

Please IGNORE the message - this is Chrome’s default message to protect users against downloading nasty applications. Of course, our SEO Toolbar isn't one of them ;)


If you've completed the above steps but still can't install the toolbar, please contact Ahrefs support for help.

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