It is important to understand backlink reports and especially with ongoing 301 redirects, what it means when a link is reported "lost" specifically due to a 301 redirect.

Here's what it looks like in "Lost backlinks" report.

A 301 redirect entails moving from one URL to another, be it a http to https for the same domain or from one domain to another. When a link is reported as "lost" from the "old" page due to a 301 redirect and another link is still present on a "new" page, this other link will soon be added back to the Ahrefs backlink profile as a "new" link. 

These changes might not be instantly visible in Ahrefs due to the way our Ahrefs' bot works. The fact that the bot has discovered a redirect of an old page doesn't mean it will crawl the new one immediately. The crawling is scheduled for sure, but it just takes a little longer.

To give you an example, when Ahrefs blog underwent a 301 redirect by moving from to, a site that we linked to ie. received a "301 redirected" reason within their "lost backlinks" report for the link from that was "lost". There was certainly a "new" link from linking back to but it took a while before this "new" link was added back to the's backlink profile.

As to how long the changes may take to appear, do take a look at how long it takes for Ahrefs to find a new backlink.

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