There are 2 ways to add competitors on Ahrefs Rank Tracker:

  1. Adding from the Rank Tracker Dashboard (assuming there are no competitors in the first place)
  2. Adding from the Rank Tracker Project Overview

Add competitors on Rank Tracker Dashboard 

First, head over to Rank Tracker by clicking it at the top navigational menu.

Next, head over to the project on your Dashboard, scroll to where your project resides and click on the "Add" sign under the Comp (Competitors) tab.

Add competitors on Rank Tracker Project Overview

Assuming you are already in Rank Tracker, select the project that you have already created earlier for your Dashboard. 

Finally, click "settings" to view information on 1) Profile, 2) Competitors and 3) Notifications.

Click on the "COMPETITORS" tab and add your competitors accordingly.
Then click "save".

Do take note that the mode with which you set for each of the competitors matters and may affect the results. 


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