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What is Share of Voice (SoV) and how is it calculated?
What is Share of Voice (SoV) and how is it calculated?

Find out how we calculate Share of Voice, which is equivalent to "visibility score" used by other platforms.

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What does the Share of Voice metric mean? How do we calculate the visibility score?

The share of voice (SOV) metric shows the percentage of traffic that your target website gets, compared to the traffic of other websites.

There are now two places where you can the find Share of Voice metric in Ahrefs. In Site Explorer, and in Rank Tracker.

💡 In both Site Explorer and Rank tracker, Share of Voice is calculated slightly differently.

In Site Explorer

You can create a SoV chart comparing your target website against multiple competitors using the Performance chart on Site Explorer > Overview. First add competitors to the performance graph, and then select the "Share of Voice" metric:

How SoV is calculated in Site Explorer

The SoV of one website can be found by dividing its traffic with the sum of all websites' traffic. It looks like this:

Your target's Traffic / (Your targets' Traffic + the Traffic of each of your competitors) x 100

which results in a percentage number that you can see by hovering over the graph:

In Rank Tracker

In your Rank Tracker tool, you will see the Share of Voice (SOV) metric shown in the Overview tab:

As well as in the Competitors tab:

How SoV is calculated in Rank Tracker

Share of Voice in Rank Tracker is calculated based on how many clicks your website receives, versus the rest of the results in the SERP of keywords that it ranks for. So the formula is different than in Site Explorer:

Total clicks your target receives from all Tracked keywords / Total clicks going to all result in the SERP receives for all Tracked keywords

So for a hypothetical example, the keyword "Coffee beans" in South Africa has a monthly search volume of 10,000 and total 5,000 clicks going to all results in the SERP, here is how Share of Voice would be calculated for the top 5 results in the SERP:

SERP for Coffee beans - 🇿🇦





















This is just one keyword. So if you have Rank Tracker set up for the website, the Share of Voice would be calculated for all Tracked keywords.

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