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How to use Site Audit filters in Page Explorer and Link Explorer?
How to use Site Audit filters in Page Explorer and Link Explorer?

Find out all the ways you can filter results in Site audit crawl reports. From simple preset filters to stacking multiple filter rules.

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Site Audit has a comprehensive list of filter options that you can use for both pages and links. This helps you find exactly the data you need to do your technical SEO analysis.

💡 Please make sure the site audit report you are checking is for an already Finished crawl. If you start using these reports while site audit is still crawling, you may see wrong/incomplete results.

Where these filters can be used in Site Audit

You can either click on any of the Issues to open a report pre-filtered with pages affected by that issue:

OR, you can go directly to Page explorer or Link explorer to start without any filters applied:

Preset Filter options for Page Explorer

Preset filters can be found at the top of your site audit report, right below the header.

Each of these filters with a downward chevron arrow "▾" represent a section that contains multiple related filter options:

The numbers on the right show the number of results that will show up if only this filter is applied. In the below screenshot we can see that:

  • 8 pages redirect to a 404 not found page

  • 7 pages are part of a redirect chain

This is helpful to quickly check if a particular filter option actually contains results, so you don't have to check every filter option.

Advanced Filters

You will find a new section pop up below, providing you the option to select, and stack filter rules of your choice.

Explanations for each of the filter options are shown below:

  1. decides if rules are applied as "AND" or "OR" with other rules.

  2. decides if filter rule applies to Previous crawl, or Current crawl

  3. Select from hundreds of different filter rules. You can hover over the filter option for more information as shown.

More information about how grouping these filters work can be found on our Academy.

Here's an example of 5 filter rules that also contains a group of 2 filter rules. Here, we are trying to find pages with "help" in the URL that were HTTP code 200 in the previous crawl, but are broken OR redirected in the current crawl:

And we see that there's 1 page that matches this criteria:

Preset filter options for Link Explorer

It works just like Page Explorer, except that filter options are focused on links instead of pages. You can similarly use any of the preset filters or create your own advanced filters:

Use case examples for this report can be found on our Academy.

Note: Clicking on, filtering, and sorting Site Audit reports do not consume credits. So you are free to filter and export however you like!

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