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How to check pages for their HTTP status codes
How to check pages for their HTTP status codes

Where to look for pages' http response status codes in Ahrefs tools like Site Explorer, Site Audit, Content explorer and SEO toolbar

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Using Site Explorer

In case you need to check a particular site for HTTP status codes, you can enter its domain name into Site Explorer and navigate to Best by links report.

Once you have that, open the HTTP code dropdown filter above and select the needed HTTP code:

It will list you the pages that return the code you selected. For example, here's the response for HTTP Code 404:

This report can be particularly useful if you are running a broken link building campaign.

You can also filter for pages with specific HTTP codes linked internally using the Internal links report:

Please note that for both reports shows you the HTTP response codes of the pages recorded by our crawler at the day it visited the page (see Last crawled date in the last column). Hover to see the exact date and time (Timezone is GMT +0:00):

Using Site Audit

The website you wish to check this for, needs to be to completely crawled in Site Audit first. For a guide on how to crawl a website in Site Audit, check out our Academy tutorial.

Pages with non-200 HTTP response codes can be found listed under their respective issue shown in the Overview or All issues report:

Please note that by default, if Site Audit doesn't find any e.g. 404 pages, the 404 issue will not show up as an active issue in the Overview or All issues report.

You can also filter for pages of a specific HTTP code manually in Page Explorer

This can be particularly useful if you are auditing the website for proper redirects, broken internal links, or check if our crawler AhrefsBot is blocked from crawling your website.

Using Content Explorer

💡 A full guide with use cases on how to use Content Explorer can be found in our Academy

You can filter for Live (HTTP 200 code) pages or broken (HTTP 404 code) pages using the filters in Content Explorer.

This tool can be particularly useful to find new websites for a broken link building campaign.

Using SEO Toolbar

If you have the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar installed, you can click on any link and wait for the destination page to load.

Then click on the extension icon, and click on the HTTP headers tab to see the exact HTTP response codes or redirect chains for the current page:

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