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What is Share of Traffic Value (SoTV), and how is it calculated?
What is Share of Traffic Value (SoTV), and how is it calculated?

Find out how Share of Traffic Value is calculated, and where you can find this metric in Ahrefs

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In Site Explorer

Share of Traffic Value (SoTV) sums up the Traffic value of the target and the specified competitors, consider this as 100%, and show what portion the target and competitors occupy.

The formula to calculate SoTV gives you a percentage number, and is similar to calculating SoV. It looks like this:

Your Traffic Value / (Total of your Traffic Value + the Traffic Values of each of your competitors) x 100

In the below example, is the target, and the other websites are the specified competitors. Using the Overview Performance chart in Site Explorer, you can view how you and your competitors changed in SoTV over time.

How SoTV can be used

It is commonly known that traffic by itself is a vanity metric. What SoTV helps to answer is how much more valuable one website's traffic is, compared to other competitor websites.

Using this metric alongside traffic can help to approximate how much revenue a business may be earning, based on the market share of traffic value that they have. It is a useful way to see where you stand against competitors in your market landscape.

If you see a website whose SoTV is growing compared to its competitors, it means its gaining more valuable traffic organically. You can do further research on its Top pages to learn what strategies its using to gain that valuable traffic.

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