What are Linked Domains?

Find out what outgoing links are, where to find them in Site Explorer

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Linked Domains are the unique domains that a website or subsection has links to. These are also known as outgoing domains.

Linked Domains has it's own report in Site Explorer, under the Outgoing Links section. In the below example, the target URL is ahrefs.com, and the report shows the unique domains that ahrefs.com is linking out to.

πŸ‘‰ Check out our "How to use Ahrefs" Academy course for examples about how to use the Linked Domains report.

You can also find Linked Domains as a metric in other reports like Backlinks, and Referring domains reports:

Linked domains can also be found in Batch Analysis tool. You can use this tool to check the number of linked domains for up to 200 URLs at once:

How can Linked Domains be used?

  • Domain Rating (DR) takes into account Linked Domains: The more linked domains a referring domain has, the less "link juice" it transfers to each Linked Domain. This metric is useful for assessing a referring domain's ability to boost your target website's DR.

  • Check for bad links that can cause your website to be penalised.

  • Audit your website's linked domains, and assess if they should be followed/ nofollowed, or removed.

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