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Why did my Ahrefs Rank drop if I haven’t lost any links?
My website is gaining organic keywords, but losing search traffic. How come?
Why has there been a drop in my Domain Rating (DR) recently? Did your crawl algorithm change?
Why Ahrefs is showing title and data from another website for my site?
My competitor doesn't have links from high-DR sites, so why are his DR and Ahrefs Rank higher than mine?
Is there a way to see the change in my website’s Domain Rating?
Why is a page's UR higher than the DR?
Does a low DR mean that the website is spammy?
How do SEO spiders crawl the web?
Why is the UR (URL Rating) for a URL with and without slash ("/") different?
Why does my domain show a number for UR and DR despite having 0 backlinks or referring domains?
Why do I see different results for and
How does Ahrefs estimate CTR when calculating search traffic?
Why do I see a decrease in my Referring pages graph despite an increase in my Referring Domains graph?
Is Organic Traffic a monthly figure (based on past 30 days)?
Does Ahrefs have a spam score, or something similar?
Why is my backlink marked as "broken redirect" if it works?
Can I see the ranking history of a given keyword?
Why do links from LinkedIn, Slideshare, Quora and PDF files not appear in Ahrefs' backlinks report?
Why am I getting slightly different results in Ahrefs vs the exported file for large sites?
Why is the number of referring domains on my dashboard different from the Site Explorer Overview?
Why is a page not in the "Top Content" report in Site Explorer?
Why don't the ranking positions in Site Explorer match those I see in Google?
Why is my disavow file not displaying correctly?
Why does a website have more referring IPs than referring domains?
Why is a 'Captcha' title tag shown in my Site Explorer?
For some keywords, I see the Positions in Organic Keywords have not been updated for a long time. Can they be updated more often?
Why does Ahrefs report a backlink as “Lost” if I still see it on a page?
Why is there a 'spike' in Referring Domains in 2013?
How come the sum of all anchors percentage in Anchors is >100%
When exporting a file, why is the "Full export" option greyed out?
Why don't the organic traffic numbers reported by Ahrefs match those I see in Google Analytics?
Why does organic traffic exist on the graph for my website when it is not in existence before Dec 2016?
Why are there jagged lines in the Referring Pages graph?
Why do the numbers under the "Platform" filter not add up?
I can't seem to locate the "Hide disavowed links" button. How do I enable it?
Do I still need to do something with Google Webmaster Tools even after I disavow spam domains in Ahrefs?
Why is there a discrepancy between the number of disavowed links shown on the Dashboard and the Disavow Links page?
Why are some anchors missing in my report?
Why are some keywords not shown on your paid keywords (PPC) report?
What is the relationship between paid keywords and paid traffic value?
Why do I see an [Empty Title] in the Best by links growth report?
How to change what data is shown by default in Site Explorer