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How to use filters in Site Explorer > Backlinks reports
How to use filters in Site Explorer > Backlinks reports

Find out how to use the "Link Type" filter in the legacy backlinks reports and advanced filters in the Backlinks report 2.0

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Filtering domains by their TLD

In the Backlinks report 2.0 you can use the advanced filter for filtering results by their TLD, such as .gov or .edu links:

You can also check several requests simultaneously, for this, you need to click on “+ rule” in the filter:

UGS, Sponsored, and Nofollow links can be checked with the following filter:

  • Nofollow - A nofollow link is a link with the attribute rel="nofollow". This tells search engines to not crawl them or count them as votes of quality. This filter shows all the links that are nofollow.

  • UGC - User Generated Content link is a link with the attribute rel= "ugc". This attribute value is recommended for links within user-generated content, such as comments and forum posts.

  • Sponsored - A sponsored link is a link with the attribute rel="sponsored". This filter shows all links that were created as part of advertisements, sponsorships, or other compensation agreements.

How to use the 'Backlink Type' filter

With the "Backlink type" filter, you can check:

  • regular links - standard <a href> hyperlinks;

  • backlinks in content - links that are found in the biggest piece of content on the page

  • regular links that have an image inside their anchor;

  • links pointing to your target via a redirect;

  • canonical links;

  • Backlinks via redirects from other URLs.

  • links that are found in <iframe src=""> HTML tags.

After setting all necessary filters you need to click the "Show results" button to get the info with the chosen filters applied:

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