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Does Ahrefs have a spam score, or something similar?
Does Ahrefs have a spam score, or something similar?

Find out why Ahrefs does not have a spam score, and what you can do instead to filter out spammy backlinks

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Is there a way for you to quickly filter out "spam" or "bad" links in your Ahrefs Backlinks report, for e.g with a pre-defined "spam score"? No. We don't have such a score. Here's why:

Google states in their continuously updated Link Spam guidelines many ways of getting links that they consider as link spam. But it is uncertain what are all the factors (and their weights) they take into consideration when deciding if a link is spam. In addition, it is generally advised not to disavow backlinks unless you have a manual action.

Hence, we do not provide a specific "spam score" for backlinks.

In Ahrefs' reports, we recommend you use the Best links filter to filter out less impactful backlinks in your reports.

Configure it to filter out lower quality backlinks at once, such as:

  • Domain Rating (DR) less than a certain number

  • Backlinks with little or no organic traffic

  • Outgoing external links that don't exceed a certain number

The "Exclude domains" field can exclude up to 10,000 URLs, which can work as a soft "disavow tool" once applied across domain- and backlink-related charts, like the one in Site Explorer > Overview.

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