What triggers this issue?

This issue reports indexable pages that have more than one meta description.

Why is it important?

A meta description tag is generally used to inform the search engine with a short, informative summary of what your page is about.

High-quality descriptions can sometimes be displayed in Google's search results as search snippets, helping you get higher click-through rates from SERPs.

With multiple meta descriptions on a page, the search engines may be confused about which description is the right one and can misunderstand the content of a page.

How to fix it?

You might need help from your developer to understand why your pages have more than one title tag.This can be caused by the errors in your website template, theme, or plugins.

Remove the extra meta description tags from the reported pages.

You should provide a unique meta description for each indexable page on your website to help search engines and people quickly understand what your page is about.

See Google's guide to good titles and snippets

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