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What does the ‘Redirect loop’ issue in Site Audit mean?
What does the ‘Redirect loop’ issue in Site Audit mean?

Find out how to deal with the ‘Redirect loop’ issue in Site Audit

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What triggers the issue?

This issue reports redirecting URLs that cause redirect loops

Example: (301 Moved Permanently) -> (301 Moved Permanently) -> (301 Moved Permanently) ->
(this redirection is infinite)

Why is it important?

Redirect loop means that the final URL never resolves and happens when a redirect chain is stuck redirecting to one of its elements. 

Examples of redirect loops:

URL1 (301) → URL1 (301) → ...

URL1 (301) → URL2 (302) → URL3 (301) → URL1 (301) ...

The most common indication of a redirect loop is the error displayed in the browser when opening a page:

Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects.

How to fix it?

Open the report and check the URLs listed there. Should a URL redirect by mistake, simply change its HTTP status to 200. 

Then, click on the number of inlinks. You will see a list of pages that have a link to the page with a redirect loop. Update the links so that they go directly to the 200 page. 

However, on pages where a redirect is intended, replace the whole redirect chain with a single 301 redirect to a 200 page. 

Redirect chains are likely to cause issues with loading speed, this is why it’s recommended to avoid them. Should they be necessary, try to keep the number of redirects under 5.

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