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"302 redirect" warning in Site Audit
"302 redirect" warning in Site Audit

Learn more about the "302 redirect" issue in Site Audit and how to fix it on your website.

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What triggers this issue?

This issue reports the internal URLs that redirect to another URL with the 302 (Found (Previously "Moved temporarily")) HTTP status code.

Example: (302 Found)
redirects to

Why is it important?

As announced by Google, their crawler does not see a difference between the 302 and 301 redirects today, and both redirect pass PageRank.

However, Google is not the only search engine out there. Bing, for example, instructs webmasters to use a 301 permanent redirect when moving content and a 302 temporary redirect for a temporary move.

Besides, redirects, in general, can decrease the page loading time on your website, which negatively affects the user experience.

How to fix it?

You should only use 302 redirects where the redirection is temporary and content will come back to the original URL soon.

Check the reported URLs.

Where the redirection is permanent, change the redirection to 301 (Moved Permanently).

Ideally, you should also check the "3xx redirect" issue and see which redirects can be safely avoided (replaced with the direct links).

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