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What does ‘Title tag missing or empty’ issue in Site Audit mean
What does ‘Title tag missing or empty’ issue in Site Audit mean

Find out how to deal with ‘Title tag missing or empty’ issue

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What triggers this issue?

This issue reports all pages that don’t have a title tag filled out or it’s missing at all. 

Why is it important?

Title tags give users and the search engines information as to what the page is about and how it’s relevant to the search query. Judging by this information, users tend to choose which search result is the most fitting one. 

Should your page not have a title tag, it can decrease your click-through-rate and as well as your chances of ranking.

How to fix it?

Open the issue and check the reported pages. Take a look at the Title column, it will tell you whether a page has an empty title tag or it’s missing. 

First off, you need to check why the title tags are missing or empty. There can be a problem with some plugins or with a theme in your CMS that is causing this.

Make sure that each of your pages has a concise title describing your page content, with your targeted keyword in mind.

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