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Find out about Rank Tracker Pro and how to add this to your legacy subscription

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Rank Tracker pro is a legacy subscription-only add-on. On new plans, Daily rank tracker and additional rank tracker keywords are separately purchasable add-ons.

Rank Tracker Pro is a legacy subscription add-on for Rank Tracker which gives you:

  • Daily updates

  • Ultimate flexibility with your tracked keywords (choose from 500 to 100,000 and change your limit anytime)

*Note that your new keyword limit replaces your existing one, and you can’t purchase fewer keywords than the number you’re already using.  

How to get Rank Tracker Pro

Click “Upgrade to Pro” in Rank Tracker's dashboard or project header and select a new keyword limit. Please note you will only get this option if you are on a legacy subscription.

The minimum keyword limit shown takes into account the number of keywords that you're already using. Prices start from $50 for 500 keywords and scale from there.

Rank Tracker Pro cannot be purchased on an annual basis.

Changing your keyword limit

Your keyword limit can be changed in Rank Tracker itself or from Account settings / Billing / Subscriptions.

When increasing your limit:

  • You'll be charged only for the remaining days in the current billing period;

  • The limit is updated instantly.

When decreasing your limit:

  • There will be no charges or refunds;

  • Your limit is updated at the start of the next billing period.


Cancel Rank Tracker Pro from Account settings / Billing / Subscriptions. 

Cancellations are effective at the start of the next billing period. 

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