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How to Organize projects in your Ahrefs Dashboard
How to Organize projects in your Ahrefs Dashboard

Find out how to re-order the websites in your Dashboard

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We have a couple of options to organize of all your Dashboard projects. Here are some of the features you can use:

Star projects

At the top right of every project you can click on the Star to mark it as Priority:

Then you can switch to ‘star only’ mode where only starred projects are visible. Toggle on ‘Starred first’ at the bottom of the sorting dropdown to make all starred projects appear before unstarred projects:

Sort projects by name or time of creation

In the same sorting dropdown, there are many options to sort projects based on

Search projects

You can use the Search bar on the side to find a project based on its name or website URL:


We have also added pagination on Dashboard. This allows the dashboard to load quickly even if you have hundreds or even thousands of projects. You can also choose how many projects you wish to have on each page:

How can I manage my projects in Folders?

With folders, you can organise your projects so that they’re easier to find and share. To accommodate folders we’ve added a sidebar. It consists of two sections – All projects and Starred – and a list of folders.

To create a folder, click on the "Create" button and select "New folder".

After you have created the folder you need, you can move your project there.

To remove or edit your folder, you need to choose it from a sidebar and go to the menu:

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