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Why is there sales tax (VAT) and how do I get a refund?
Why is there sales tax (VAT) and how do I get a refund?
Find out if sales tax applies to your country and how to claim your refund
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Our listed prices do not include sales tax. 

FastSpring (our official reseller company) does collect taxes in some circumstances for customers located in the following locations: California, United States, countries that are part of the European Union, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan. 

Getting your refund

Please email and provide your valid tax ID. We will assist in adding the ID to your account details and having the tax refunded for orders made during last 30 days.

On orders older than that,  tax amounts have already been passed along to the tax office. You can, however, take your invoice to your tax office and claim credit or refunds for those.


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