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What is the list of your IP ranges?

This article lists the ranges and individual IP addresses we use for crawling

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Note: You can pull our IP addresses via APIv3 as individual IPs or IP ranges.

Our main and SA crawlers use both IP ranges, as well as individual IPs. Please whitelist all IP addresses to allow access.

We take responsibility for the traffic coming from our publicly published IPs. In case you encounter any issues with our IP ranges, please email support.

For Cloudflare users, please also refer to this section.

Part 1: IP Ranges

Our crawlers use the following ranges:

Part 2: Individual IP addresses

We also use the following individual IP addresses:

For Cloudflare users

You can check the instructions for whitelisting IP lists on Cloudflare here:

Further information about whitelisting IPs in Cloudflare can be found in this article.

If Cloudflare does not accept /26 and /27 ranges, please use the individual IPs below. Please note that both IP ranges and individual IPs listed above must be entered in for our IPs to be fully whitelisted.
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