Case #1. The website doesn't work for me with data spinning all the time.

Ways of troubleshooting:

This issue is most likely caused by some kind of add-on or plugin enabled in your browser(like Adblock or something of the kind), but sometimes anti-virus software can also cause this.

You can re-check if the problem gets solved by running any report with add-ons or plugins disabled. 

If the issue persists, try to clear the cache and double-check with another browser.
In case this doesn't help to resolve the problem either, contact us for further assistance.

Case #2. The website can't be reached/accessed at all. 

1. First off, check if this issue occurs for you only or if it's some technical downtime on our end -

If you see the message "It's just you. is up." it means that something on your end prevents the website from loading normally. Read on to learn what to do next.

2.  Try to clear cache, check if the website loads on another browser or another network (from mobile, for example). Worth checking with your Internet provider if anything on their end might be blocking the website. 

3. Reset your DNS settings (check this article for steps of doing that).

4.  Do traceroute to and contact us with results:

For Windows:

For MacOS, Linux, Unix:

5.  Open console while reproducing the issue (Press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows / Linux) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac)). We might be able to find the reason there. Make a screenshot and send it over to our support team.


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