Let's say you already have a project set up on your Dashboard. Here's how to add new keywords that you wish to track on top of those you may have added earlier. 

First, click on "Rank Tracker" at the top right corner of the particular project that you wish to add keywords for.

Here within Rank Tracker, you will be able to see your current tracked keywords and their respective rank, keyword difficulty, mobile rank, mobile difficulty, the URL and the date last checked. Click "Add Keywords". [Subscription provisions: Only Advanced and Agency can see mobile rank and mobile difficulty data.]

Key in your keywords and separate each keyword with a comma. Then click "Add to list".

Your keywords will be populated as seen on the right. Next, select the location(s). [Subscription provisions: Lite - 1 location per website, Standard - 2 locations per website, Advanced - 5 locations per website and Agency - unlimited.] 

After you have selected the location (s), the "Add keyword" button will be clickable. 

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