To calculate a rating for domains we assess links between them.

If Domain A has at least one page with a dofollow link to a page on Domain B - we remember the fact that Domain B has a link from Domain A.

There are a few simple rules to consider while calculating:

  1. The higher rating a domain has, the more of this rating is transferred to linked domains (as defined above);
  2. All linked domains receive an equal amount of rating from the source domain, i.e. low-rated domain with a small number of linked domains can influence your DR more than super-popular domain (which links to million domains).

Repeating the calculation process for dozens of times, we get a rating for each domain. And the final Domain Rating value is obtained by scaling computed absolute value into range 0...100.

You can find more details about DR and other metrics here: Ahrefs’ SEO metrics explained.

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