Domain Rating shows the strength of a given website’s overall backlink profile. It's measured on a logarithmic scale from 1 to 100, with the latter being the strongest.

To calculate DR, we consider: 

  1. When a domain's DR is higher, more "link juice" is transferred to linked domains.
  2. The source domain splits its rating equally amongst the domains it links to. So: a DR-10 domain which links to three other domains can influence your DR more than a DR-80 domain which links to a million other domains.

Through repeated calculation, we get a rating for each domain. The final DR value is then obtained by scaling a computed, absolute value into the 0-100 range.

Tip: Think of DR as a relative term in the sense that it's dependent on not only the number of high-DR sites that link to you, but also on how many other websites these high-DR sites link to.

  • Note that while DR correlates with Google rankings pretty well, it doesn't do this as well as our URL Rating (UR).
  • Instead, consider DR as a great metric for selecting websites to build links from. As a general rule, you should aim to get backlinks from high-DR websites because they carry more “weight.” 

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