This message means that your target page is not in our index. 

Possible reasons

– We're not allowed to crawl it in robots.txt.
– It returns 403 (Forbidden) status code.
– The domain hosting the page doesn't exist anymore.
– The page is a duplicate and was de-indexed by Ahrefs.
– The page has very low "rating" and was de-indexed by Ahrefs.

Note: Data on backlinks will be available if our crawler has already crawled other pages that contain links to the target URL.

What to do

  • If it's a new site, please give it some time for our crawler to index your page.

  • Make sure Ahrefsbot is enabled for crawling on your website (learn how to enable our crawler here). To find out if a domain is blocking our bot, check the status of its robots.txt in our robots checker:

Note: This status used to be: "Not visited by AhrefsBot yet". As it was causing some confusion, we changed the message to make it more accurate. No updates have been made to our tools; only the wording of the message has been changed.

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