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What does "Page is not currently in our index" mean?
What does "Page is not currently in our index" mean?

Find out what Page is not currently in our index" means.

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This message means that your target page is not in our index. 

Possible reasons

– We're not allowed to crawl it in robots.txt.
– It returns a 4xx or 5xx HTTP status code.
– The domain hosting the page doesn't exist anymore.
– The page is a duplicate and was de-indexed by Ahrefs.
– The page has very low "rating" and was de-indexed by Ahrefs.

Note: Data on backlinks will be available if our crawler has already crawled other pages that contain links to the target URL.

Checking if a website is indexed on New Overview

On the new Overview report, you can see if a website is crawled or not by ticking "Crawled pages" on the General > Performance chart:

If Crawled pages is 0, it means the target website is not indexed.

What to do

  • If it's a new site, please give it some time for our crawler to index your page.

  • Make sure Ahrefsbot is enabled for crawling on your website (learn how to enable our crawler here). To find out if a domain is blocking our bot, check the status of its robots.txt in our robots checker:

Note: This status used to be: "Not visited by AhrefsBot yet". As it was causing some confusion, we changed the message to make it more accurate. No updates have been made to our tools; only the wording of the message has been changed.

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