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How to create a keywords list
How to create a keywords list

Learn how to create, or add keywords to a keywords list in Keywords Explorer, Site Explorer, and Rank Tracker

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Want to save a custom list of important keywords somewhere for later use? You can! 

All you have to do is to create a keyword list. 

Create a Keyword list in Keywords Explorer

First, head to Keywords Explorer. Then, click "+ New List":

A window will popup that will allow you to enter in information about keyword list:

You can add keywords in, each separated by a new line. Or if you already have a list of keywords in a .csv or .txt file, you can upload them in the same field.

Remember to select the location you wish to check these keywords by default.

Give your list a relevant name, for e.g "SEO". And if needed, add them to a relevant folder. Projects and keyword lists in the same folder can only be viewed by users granted permissions to them. Learn more

An example of a keyword list is shown below:

Create a Keyword list in Site Explorer or Rank Tracker

If you are currently in a Site Explorer report that shows keywords data, you'll be able to select keywords to add to an existing keyword list or make a new one, like so:

The same goes for reports that have keyword data in Rank Tracker:

Now you can re-research saved keywords with ease

Next time you open Keywords Explorer, you can click on your keyword list:

And it will open all keywords saved in the list at once in Keywords explorer, for the saved location:

How many keyword lists can I create?

The number of keyword lists you can save depends on your plan: 

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