Using inurl: or selecting the In URL dropdown in Content Explorer tool will search for a string within the URL.

Here are some examples of usage that you might find useful:

1. Show URLs with "keyword-research" 

You can use inurl:keyword-research

or use inurl:(keyword-research)

2. Show URLs containing "keyword", "research", and "tools" in any order

Key in keyword research tools and use In URL in dropdown:

Or use inurl:(keyword research tools)

Use "link building" inurl:resources

4. Show URLs containing "resources" AND "marketing", "ways", and "list" shown in title tag in any order

Use (marketing ways list) inurl:resources and In title selected

5. Show URLs containing “ahrefs” that are not from the site

Use inurl:ahrefs

6. Show URLs with .ca country TLD


7. Show URLs with the keywords “marketing” and “seo” in any order for the country TLD .ca

Use inurl:(.ca/ marketing seo)

8. Show URLs with a date

Use inurl:2018/12

Use "google" inurl:2017/08 to find Titles containing google and URLs containing 2017/08


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