There are two modes you can use in Content Explorer: All pages and News.

The main difference between them is that All pages is based on our database of billions of web pages, while News is based on pre-approved news domains. Because of this, the results you’ll get from each mode are likely to vary.

All pages mode

When you search in All pages mode, you’ll see all mentions for that topic from our database of billions of web pages.

This helps you find the most shared and “linked-to” content on the web, which in turn is great for exploring the best ideas for new content.

News mode

When you search in News mode, you’ll see high-quality mentions for that topic from a list of pre-approved news domains.

This helps you track quality brand mentions and spot trends over time.

Using News mode will also give you a Pages over time chart in your results.

Click on any bar in the chart to see all published articles for that time period. This helps you quickly dig into changing trends for your topic.

Key differences

All pages


Based on our database of billions of web pages

Based on pre-approved news domains

Shows all mentions, good for content ideas and link prospects

Shows high-quality mentions, good for tracking brand mentions and trends over time

No pages over time chart

Shows pages over time chart

Great for SEOs and marketers

Great for PR

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