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What do 'SERP updates' stand for in Keywords Explorer?
What do 'SERP updates' stand for in Keywords Explorer?

Find out more about the 'SERP updates' in Keywords Explorer

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The 'SERP updates' limit allows you to pull a fresh Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for any keyword in Keywords Explorer.

This can change any of the following:

  1. The Keyword Difficulty (KD) estimated for this this Keyword.

  2. The search results as shown in SERP Overview, and all the SEO metrics for each result.

  3. The Traffic Potential estimated for this keyword.

To do this, you can on Update link on the top of the keyword's Overview page:

Or click the Refresh icon on the right most side of the table for other reports in Keywords Explorer. This allows you to quickly update SERPs for multiple keywords at once:

Updating a SERP for each keyword costs 1 credit. Manually updating SERPs is only available from the Standard plan onwards. More information about what actions spend credits can be found here.

💡 New Standard or higher plans have unlimited usage. If you have a legacy plan, you can upgrade your plan on Usage on these plans are subjected to our terms and conditions.

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