What actions consume credits

Learn about what actions do and do not consume credits in Ahrefs.

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What tools consume credits

Credits get consumed when accessing reports and requesting new data from:

Most core tools: Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, Web Explorer
Standalone tools: Batch Analysis, Content Gap, Link Intersect, Looker Studio

Site Audit and Rank Tracker DO NOT consume credits. They have their own limits.

What actions consume credits

Whenever you open a report, we charge 1 credit for that entire report. This includes all visible charts on the page.

In addition, you will spend 1 additional credit each time you:

  • Apply (any number of) filters to a report & click "Show results" (1)

  • Set different dates (2)

  • Open the SERP viewer or Position history graph (3)

  • Change the mode to "Group similar" / "One link per domain", "New" / "Lost" only

  • Change the mode to "Main positions only" / "Multiple URLs only"

  • Open the "Inspect" window for a URL

  • Add competitors to the performance chart

NOTE: The Dashboard only consumes 1 credit every 31 days to load all existing projects, so it remains visible even when a user-specified limit is reached. However, if you add a new project (or more at a time) to the Dashboard, that will consume 1 additional credit since we need to reload it with fresh data.

In Keywords Explorer, you can search up to 10,000 keywords at once for 1 credit.

Similarly, in Batch Analysis, you can search up to 200 URLs at once for 1 credit.

What actions DO NOT consume credits

You will not consume credits when you:

  • Open the same report with the exact same filters and settings within 30 minutes

  • Use pagination (navigate between page results)

  • Sort tables by any column

  • Request more results in expanded window

  • Expand results (they consume export rows)

  • Navigate the Backlink profile/Organic search views in Overview 2.0

  • Expand results in "Group similar" or "One link per domain" mode, for the Backlinks and Internal Backlinks reports

  • Change chart-related settings in the Top pages report

  • Change the trends type and modify the charts in the Ads report

  • Change the group chart display in all keyword ideas-related reports


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