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Site Audit is reporting pages that are not on my site. Why is this?
Site Audit is reporting pages that are not on my site. Why is this?

Learn how to drill further into the reports to find where these pages are located on your site

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Upon completion of your site audit, you can head over to the Overview to see all the issues we discovered for your site during the crawl.  To see the affected URLs for these issues, click on the issue where you will be taken over to Data Explorer to see in-depth details (understand why we reported the issue and where it stems from).

You may wonder at times where we pick up certain URLs/pages that we show, because:

  1. Either you believe that these pages no longer exist on your site; or

  2. You believe that we have reported false positives or there's an error with our report

For both reasons stated above, it is understandable why you may think so; but we provide all URL details to help you dig deeper to find where these errors stem from in order to fix them.

By clicking on each URL in Data Explorer, you will notice a panel pops up; this panel contains more details about this URL/page, but in this article we will focus on "Inlinks" (see image below):

When "Inlinks" is clicked, you will be shown the page and the Anchor found on that page which leads back to that main URL you're concerned about.

What you can also check, is the "Type" of URL; whether it's an internal URL and if it is present in the sitemap (see image below):


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