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"3xx redirect" warning in Site Audit
"3xx redirect" warning in Site Audit

Learn more about the "3xx redirect" issue in Site Audit and how to fix it on your website.

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What triggers this issue?

This issue reports the URLs that return one of the 3xx (Redirection) HTTP status codes.

Why is it important?

Even though Google announced that any redirection method is good and will pass PageRank, Googlebot is not the only visitor of your website.

Besides, redirects can increase the page loading time on your website, which negatively affects the user experience.

How to fix it?

Having a few redirects on your website is not a problem. However, when there are lots, you might want to clean them up (where practically possible).

Click on the number in "No. of inlinks" column for a given URL. 

This will open up a list of pages that link to the redirecting URL.

Ideally, you should edit the links on these pages so that they point to the destination page directly. This way you will avoid the unnecessary redirection.

Also make sure your website is free from redirects that can appear cloaky or sneaky to Google.

You can see the redirect destination in the "Redirect URL" column of this report.

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