Upon completion of your site audit, and clicking on the issue "3XX Redirect" to see the affected URLs, you may be concerned if you see redirects reported that you believe should not be, due to:

  1. You believe that these redirects no longer exist on your site; or

  2. You believe they never existed or aren't really redirects.

Both of the above concerns are understandable; which is why we provide all URL details to help you dig deeper to find where these issues stem from in order to fix them.  By clicking on each URL, you will notice a panel pops up; this panel contains more details about the redirect chain.  Example:

  • HTTP version redirects to HTTPS version

  • URL without trailing slash redirects to URL with trailing slash

  • One page redirecting to another page within your site

Here are some other examples:

  • URL https://example.com/platforms/web/page/17/ redirects to the homepage https://example.com.  But no matter how much you drill down (checking Inlinks guide here), you aren't able to get to the homepage.  For such cases, once our user-agent (AhrefsSiteAudit) is used for your audit, a redirect to the homepage is returned for pagination above 10.

  • You may come across a case where we reported redirects for URLs even though these have a 200 HTTP status code.  

For example: test.com/mypage/?myproduct=name being redirected to test.com/page

This is most likely due to a setting on your WP Engine server known as "Redirect Bots" being enabled.  You may not be aware that the site is hosted on WP Engine, so you can verify with the site administrator in such a case.  To learn more about this setting and how to turn it OFF, see here: https://wpengine.com/support/redirecting-bots-how-this-benefits-you/


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