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How do I see my Google Search Console performance in Ahrefs?
How do I see my Google Search Console performance in Ahrefs?

Learn more about GSC integration and how to see your GSC performance in Ahrefs

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Go to your Ahrefs Dashboard and click on the “GSC performance” tab to see charts for multiple projects at a time, all right on your dashboard.

Note that you must connect a Google Account to a project and allow access to your Search Console data to see its performance. If your Google Account isn’t connected, you’ll see a message like this:

From here, just click on “Link Google Account” and follow the instructions to complete the integration.

Once your Google Account is connected, we import the last 16 months of data if it’s available in GSC.

But instead of only showing you 16 months of historical data like GSC does, we’ll start storing data for as long as your GSC account is connected. So in future, you’ll be able to access more than 16 months’ worth of data.



Q1: "If I connect my Google Account to Ahrefs, will other people be able to see my data?

No. Your GSC data will never be displayed in Ahrefs for anyone besides yourself or the people you give your account access to.

In other words, connecting the Google Account of a specific website will not suddenly improve Ahrefs’ data for that website.

Q2: “What are the long-term plans for GSC integration?”

We plan to make better reports to analyse your GSC data with in the long run. Kind of like Organic Keywords 2.0 for GSC ;)

Q3: "How else will Ahrefs use collected GSC data?”

We’ll use GSC data to improve the search volume estimations of keywords in our database. We plan to blend collected GSC data into our existing mix of sources of statistical keyword data without identifying your website.

We hope for this to lead to an overall improvement in our traffic estimations for everybody.

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