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About API v3 for Enterprise Plan
About API v3 for Enterprise Plan

Learn about our newly released API v3 and the types of data which we support endpoints for

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Upon signing up as an Enterprise user, you will automatically have access to our API v3.

๐Ÿ’ก Full details and documentation about our API v3 here:


Currently, API v3 allows you to pull data from the Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer and SERP Overview endpoints:

Site Explorer

  • Overview

  • Backlinks

  • Broken backlinks

  • Referring domains

  • Anchors

  • Best pages by links

  • Linked domains

  • Organic keywords

  • Top pages

  • Paid pages

Keywords Explorer

  • Metrics for a single keyword or a list of keywords

  • Volume history

  • Volume by country

  • Matching terms

  • Related terms

  • Search suggestions

SERP Overview

  • Top 100 SERP results

Site Audit

  • Health Score

More reports and tools are coming soon.


Ahrefs API is only available on the Enterprise plan. On all other plans you'll also have an option to test the API for free by using or as your targets. Note you still need to create an API key to run free test queries.


All requests and endpoints consume API units (come included into the Enterprise package). The cost depends on the number of rows in the response and the fields requested. The minimum cost for any request is 50 units.

Related guide: Limits consumption

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use API v2 directly?

Subscriptions for direct usage of API v2 is no longer available. However you can still use API v2 via Integrations. More information about how to do so can be found here. Please note that you need a paid Ahrefs subscription to do so.

I try to use the API but see the following Error : Query failed: Ahrefs failure (Insufficient plan)

Please check if you are accidentally using APIv2 token inside an API v3 request, or vice versa.

  • To use API v2 via Integrations: Check the third party app's instructions to generate API token.

  • To use API v3: Go to your Account Settings to create an API token

I'm building an application and would like to integrate the Ahrefs API. Do I have to purchase the Ahrefs API?

Integrations with third party apps can only be done with API v2. We are currently not accepting new applications for new third party app integrations. There are currently no plans to support third party integrations for API v3.

Can I request for a new API endpoint to be developed?

We welcome any feature requests for API v3 to our Canny board. You can also upvote any feature requests made by others that you would also like to see developed.

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