We get existing volume data from Google Keyword Planner, and pair it with clickstream data to create a model that gives very accurate search volumes for almost any keyword. 

Note: Clickstream data is anonymized data from the apps and plugins that you add to your browser. 

As a result, we can show you certain data that Google Keyword Planner doesn't: 

Monthly Updates

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We update our search volumes every month and catch all the trends. 

Un-grouping close variants

We un-group close variants that Google Keyword Planner groups together: 

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With Google Keyword Planner data a lot of things are grouped together like singular/plural, stemmings, misspellings, abbreviations, accents, function words, implied words, synonyms and paraphrases, and even words that don't include your terms if they think it has the same intent.

In Ahrefs, where we can, we disambiguate, and you get multiple versions of the terms each with its own volume.

That's why the reported by us search volumes differ from those reported by Google Keyword Planner.


We use clickstream data to determine the CTR curve for every individual keyword (where we have enough data to be certain.) This allows us to check if people are clicking through to the search results, which we show as the "Clicks" metric. 

 If you would like to learn more about search volume, and how Ahrefs does it, please read this blog post


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