This number is an estimation of how much organic search traffic your target website, subfolder or URL gets each month.

How it’s calculated:

  1. We find all the keywords for which your target ranks in the top 100 organic search results.

  2. We estimate how much traffic your target gets from each of those keywords, based on its ranking position and our estimated CTR for that position.

  3. We add up all these numbers.

Remember to treat the organic traffic estimations in Ahrefs as precisely that: estimations. While these estimates don’t, and can’t, show you exactly how much organic traffic a website gets, they work incredibly well for comparison.

For example, it’s fantastic for learning if your competitors’ websites get more or less organic search traffic than your own. 



Q1: "How come this number doesn’t match what I see in Google Analytics?”

The number that Ahrefs shows is an estimate, not the actual search traffic data of a website. It’s not possible for all the variables in our traffic estimation formula to be 100% accurate. Learn why

Q2: "How is your CTR calculated?”
We create the Click Through Rate (CTR) curve for every keyword separately based on the number of clicks (via clickstream data) from both desktop and mobile versions of your target. This CTR curve then gives us the CTR for the keyword based on your target's position in the SERP. 

Q3: "How do your traffic estimations match up against other SEO tools’?”

Of course we’ll tell you that we have the best quality data ;) On a more serious note, we once tried all the leading total traffic estimation tools and did some experimenting to see which was the most accurate. Read all about it


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