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How can I check organic search traffic of sites I don't own?
How can I check organic search traffic of sites I don't own?

Find out how to check the organic search traffic of sites you don't own.

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View the organic traffic of any website using Ahrefs Site Explorer

You can put a URL of a website, subfolder, or a specific URL that you want to investigate into Ahrefs Site Explorer and get a quick overview of its search traffic. As you can see on the screenshot below, ranks for 226k organic keywords, which together bring in 4.6M organic monthly visits from Google:

many ways to check any website's organic traffic using Ahrefs

There are 3 ways you can dive deeper into a website's organic traffic numbers:

1. Check the top keywords and pages that bring the most traffic to a website

Clicking on the blue number under "Keywords" will open the Organic Keywords report:

This report shows the actual keywords that this website gets organic traffic for.

Next to each keyword, you can see the monthly visits, and how it has changed compared to a previous date:

see traffic going to organic keywords report in ahrefs

Clicking on the blue number under "Traffic" will open up the Top pages report. This report shows the pages in the website that bring in the highest monthly organic traffic, and how it has changed compared to a previous date:

see which pages attract the most organic traffic in Top pages report

2. View a website's estimated organic traffic over time

Hovering over the graph allows you to view the monthly visits from search for a specific month-to-date:

hover to follow along a website's monthly traffic over time

For example, the traffic number on 5th Feb shows total estimated visits between 6th Jan and 5th Feb.

You can also see multiple websites' traffic over time on the same graph by adding them as "competitors":

add competitors to the performance graph and see their traffic stacked against each other

3. Compare the countries that bring the highest organic traffic from search results

This widget helps you see which countries bring the most organic traffic from search, as well as the percentage share of total organic traffic it contributes.

You can also view 2 or more countries' traffic on a graph to see how the traffic contribution from each country has changed over time:

View the organic traffic share of multiple countries on the same line graph

Ahrefs' organic traffic numbers are estimations

💡 There's no such thing as "accurate" search volume or traffic. Click here to learn why, and how you can still use estimated numbers to make better decisions in SEO.

If you could somehow peer into a competitor's web analytics software, you may likely see that the numbers don't match what's shown in Ahrefs.

The first reason why is that Ahrefs only estimate organic and paid traffic. Direct, referral, and other forms of traffic are not taken into account.

The second reason is that Ahrefs' organic traffic estimations is calculated using other estimated metrics that we've collected and processed from Google data sources, and third party data sources. It is not collected directly, and some discrepancy is normal. Learn more about how we calculate organic traffic.


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