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How can I check organic search traffic of sites I don't own?
How can I check organic search traffic of sites I don't own?

Find out how to check the organic search traffic of sites you don't own.

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You can put a URL of a website or webpage that you want to investigate into Ahrefs Site Explorer and get a quick overview of its search traffic numbers right there, with the option to filter by country and pre-set time-frames:

As you can see on the screenshot above, ranks for 136.6K keywords, which together bring in 1.3M organic monthly visits from search.

The number of organic search traffic that you see is our estimation. We calculate it based on monthly search volumes of keywords and positions that a given website holds for those keywords.

If you look below, you’ll see a detailed graph and charts of organic traffic stats (refer to image below). You have the "Compare domains" and "Compare countries" filters to see performance between two or more sites or locations on the graph. There, it is also possible to see average monthly traffic on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For example: if weekly option is selected, the monthly organic traffic on each day within that week is averaged.

Please note that the actual traffic numbers you can find in Google Analytics are usually higher. It’s virtually impossible to include all search queries that people use into a single database. Therefore, we tend to underestimate a number of keywords that a website’s ranking for and as a result — its search traffic. 

That’s why we recommend using these numbers to compare websites with each other. The exact values may be different, but if one URL has three times more of organic traffic than the other one, that ratio is true.

You can read about other ways to see how much traffic a website gets in this article: Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets.

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