Our Disavow Links integration allows to upload Google’s disavow file and hide all disavowed links from Ahrefs reports.

If, for instance, you have disavowed links with Google and want to check backlinks data taking into account disavowed links, you upload this file to Ahrefs and check reports under 'Backlinks profile' menu.

If the button "Hide disavowed links" is ON, disavowed links/domains won't be shown in our report.
If it is OFF, disavowed links/domains will be shown with an option to return disavowed link to report:

Also, you can mark links or domains as disavowed right in Site Explorer and then export this file and upload it to Google. Check here how ;-)

This functionality is available for all paid Ahrefs subscriptions.

It doesn't change any processing. It's created for your convenience simply to hide disavowed links from our backlinks reports. 

It is to be noted that none of Ahrefs ratings is affected by links you disavowed, same for all Overview stats.


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