Free trials

Ahrefs does not offer free trials. 

What we have is a 7-day paid trial at USD $7. Find out more here.

Why not have free trials? 

Too many people violated our terms when we ran them, causing a huge drain to our resources. Now, we put these resources to better use: giving our paid customers the best experience possible. ;)

Discounts, specials and offers

Ahrefs does not run one-off discounts or seasonal specials (this includes Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.) 

What we do offer is almost 20% off all annual billing. Great incentive, right? ;)
Check this for details.

You can see the difference in pricing here.

To start saving and be billed annually instead of monthly, please contact Support via or our Live Chat.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Currently we do not offer any special pricing, discounts or free access for non-profits.

I have a promotional / discount code, where do I type it to get my access to Ahrefs?

We do not offer any promotional or discount codes. Such codes that you find on other websites are not legitimate.

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