A verified project is any project that has gone through the ownership verification process.

All verified projects are free.

What are "per project" limits?

Verified projects use their own "per project" limits, which are complementary to any paid subscription limits.

These “per project” limits are always consumed first. Once these limits are hit, consumption will be switched to your plan’s regular subscription limits. See how your plan's limits compare to the limits of your verified projects, below:

*Please contact support if you’d like to learn more about your usage.

When do "per project" limits reset?

For paid plans, it matches the subscription usage reset date.

For free plans, it matches the date of account creation.

How do I verify a project?

You can use any of the following methods:

  • Connect to Google Search Console

  • Upload an HTML file to the website's homepage

  • Add a TXT record to the website's DNS configuration

  • Add a HTML meta tag to the website's homepage

For new projects, you’ll be prompted to verify ownership on step 2 of project creation.

To verify a project that is already set up, go to its project settings and navigate to the “Ownership verification” tab.


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