As part of your subscription to Ahrefs, you will receive three categories of emails from us. They are:

  • Educational/product-related emails

  • Alerts

  • Billing-related emails

However, you may find that you want to tweak the frequency of these emails, or disable them totally. 

Here's how to manage these email subscriptions. 

To choose what kind of these emails you want to receive, you need to enter your Account settings:

Where you'll arrive at this page:

Simply toggle on (green) or off (gray) depending on what you want to receive from us.


The second category of emails you might receive is Alerts. Alerts are sent to you depending on what you have requested to track. 

We will also send you billing-related emails about your account. This includes emails like:

  • Payment confirmation

  • Subscription renewal reminders

  • Payment failure

If you wish to change your email address for invoices and billing notifications, do contact Support via the chat or drop us an email at 

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