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How do I change the frequency or disable Ahrefs email alerts?
How do I change the frequency or disable Ahrefs email alerts?

Edit your email alert settings for backlinks, new keywords, new mentions, Rank Tracker and Site Audit.

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Alerts are helpful in achieving some of your SEO tasks, like reaching out to acquire new backlinks, monitoring the new keywords your site starts ranking for etc. 

However, there are times when you may wish to change the frequency of the alerts or you might want to temporarily disable them.

Luckily, changing your Alerts settings is easy.

It only takes a few minutes to edit your email alerts for the following: Backlinks, New keywords, New mentions, Rank Tracker and Site Audit. 

And here's how. 

Accessing the Alerts Settings

There are several ways where the alerts can be accessed:

1. Clicking the 'Alerts' tab found on the main navigation menu

From here you can toggle between backlinks alerts, new keywords alerts as well as new mentions alerts.

Click on the "Settings" icon to start editing your alerts. 

2. Via the Dashboard 

In this case New/Lost Backlinks, New Keywords, Rank Tracker and Site Audit alerts can be accessed.

3. In Rank Tracker

You can also access alerts in Rank Tracker (this is specifically for Rank Tracker alerts):

4. Directly from your 'Alert' emails

Once you click "Edit Alert", it will bring you to the login page (or directly to the Ahrefs Alerts page if you're already signed in). 

Simply toggle between the different alerts and click on "Settings" to edit them. 

Editing the Alerts Settings

You would be able to change the following:

  1. Frequency of alerts. Depending on the specific feature and your subscription type the frequency of alerts options will differ accordingly.

  2. Turn on or off email alerts.


We do not send alerts for frozen projects.

Video tutorials:

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